Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rolling Pin -- Installment #2

Here are the latest contributions to my rolling pin period:

The one in the middle is for my mom. She admired the first one I made (and gave to Marcia), so I made this one for her upcoming significant birthday. I won't say which birthday it is, but we're celebrating it on Superbowl Sunday, so let's just say it's Birthday LXXX.

It seems appropriate to mark later birthdays with Roman numerals. They deserve significance as much as Superbowls do. So, let's see, I'll celebrate Birthday LXI this year. Looks a lot more impressive than a measly 61.

Back to the rolling pins, I think it's taking me six to eight hours to make the five parts and assemble these things. That's after the glue-ups and blank cutting. I don't know for sure how long they take because I lose track of time. So, the time they take is not a complaint, just a factoid. I'm in no hurry to complete the remaining six. I'm taking my time and savoring each one.

The little pins in the picture are salvaged from scrap remaining from cutting the last blank. I didn't want to waste such pretty wood. And I can turn these in less than an hour start to finish. No stress making parts match and assembling. Just good turning fun.

Time to sharpen the tools and start another one -- sometime soon.