Sunday, July 8, 2012

During the Derecho

Here's what I did in my eight-day vacation from the Internet.  It's kind of like what I did during my summer vacation, except that being without electricity, phone and cable for five to eight days during a Baltimore heatwave is not exactly a vacation!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It’s been a momentous week for the Nation and for Windsor Mill.  First the Nation.

The big news is the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate and most parts of the Affordable Health Care Act better know, pejoratively, as Obama-care. 

While the country is divided in support of this program, I come down on the side that it was the right thing to do from both moral and financial perspectives.  Thirty million out of the fifty million uninsured will now have access to care.  Currently uninsured people will no longer be forced to get care too late and from emergency rooms.  People can’t lose coverage at just the time they need it – when they are ill.  The US has finally joined the ranks of civilized countries.

From a financial perspective, the greater number of healthy people paying premiums means a greater spreading of the risk and makes it insurable.  

The plan isn’t perfect – we’ve got a long way to go – but it’s a great beginning after 60 years trying to start.  I think, ultimately, the name, Obama-care, intended to be derisive, will be seen as beacon of positivity in American history and a source of pride. 

Closer to home, actually, too close to home, we had a massive storm with a name I’ve never heard (derecho) hit us.  The lighting was high but so incessant it looked like we were being bombed.  We think it stuck a tree right outside our living room.

Between the lightning and the high winds, it rained trees.  We lost the top 20 to 30 feet out of six tall tulip popular trees.  Luckily, none landed on the house, car, shop or garden shed.  So except for a dead tree across the driveway dealt with in a couple of hours with my trusty bow saw and axe (man, I’ve got to get a new chain saw!), we came out unscathed. 

Well, unscathed except that we don’t have electricity, Internet, or telephone and probably won’t for a week.  Being in a remote area of the metropolis, we learned from our experience last year that we are literally the last people to have the lights turned on.  Guess it was a good idea to have that generator installed when we built the house after all.  At least we can run the refrigerator and the well pump, so we have food and water.  The rest are just luxuries, anyway.

So, I guess we’ll get to experience summer in the old pre-air conditioned way.   We’ve gotten soft, so maybe a little toughening up is not a bad thing.  Rationalization is my friend!


I also finished another drawing while the electricity was out.  It's of Sarah's high school picture.  The original is 8.5" x 11".  The drawing is 18" x 18".  Here's my drawing.

I feel better about this one than I do of my attempt to copy the picture of Marcia.  I can look back at the drawing of Marcia and see exactly where I went wrong.  But that doesn't mean I'll fix it.