Thursday, October 17, 2013

Painting II, Mid-Course

Here's the production from the first-half of this semester.

The two larger paintings were homework.  The rest were in-class, one-day (well two-and-a-half hour) paintings.  The one on the far left bottom was a one-hour painting.  He's too embarrassed to show his face.

The question is, what do you do with all this stuff?!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Pal Vince

Our latest oil painting class homework was to pick a painting done by a noted painter and do an abstract painting based on that.  After a little research I picked a van Gogh: Falling Autumn Leaves (F486), November 1, 1888.  Here's a link to the Wikipedia article about it:

I liked it because of its colors and its autumn theme.  It it autumn, after all.  Also, it was already kind of abstract so I just had to make it a little abstracter to fit the assignment.

Working on this assignment was a chance to commune with a dead master.  It made me appreciate, what Vincent did to compose this piece:

  • The lines creating perspective fading to the upper right corner 
  • The modulation of the blue trees in the foreground to lighter and less intense colors as they recede
  • The rhythm of the black repetition in the hats, woman's skirt and background trees
  • The importance of the hint of foliage at the top of the trees to keep your eyes on the the page  (when I didn't include this shape on my abstraction, the eye movement was up an out to space)
  • The focal point and shape of the red woman and the importance of the orange diamond formed by the angle of her left arm.
About half-way through, I realized that it was a double complementary color scheme -- orange/blue and green/red but constructed in a way that mostly groups analogous colors.  Pretty clever, Vincent.  Finally, I realized the importance of the marks indicating falling leaves to activate and harmonize the painting.

As a bonus, I ended up reading about my new friend Vince(nt).  Since biography and history are two of my favorite things to read, this was "two-fer."

Biography, history and creativity -- not a bad way to spend a little time with my new buddy, Vince.  Here's my version.