Friday, March 28, 2014

Oil Painting III

Here we are at the half-way point of Oil Painting III and, unlike the prior term, we only have three paintings to show for it -- a classroom portrait, a classroom still life and our one homework assignment (which we've been working on for six weeks).

Last term, one homework assignment was to paint an abstract version of a figurative painting. This term we reversed the process and painted a figurative version of an abstract painting.  I chose Arthur Dove's That Red One.  I thought its large geometric shapes and colors would be within my capabilities to paint.  But what objects did it represent?  That was the (first) hard part.

For the round shape, all I could think of was a donut.  Maybe I was hungry.  When I showed a print  of the Dove painting to a colleague she suggested the round shape was a tire.  That clicked for me and I was able to construct the figurative painting below.

What does it mean?   Beats me.  But it was a good exercise to advance my skills.

In class, we've been working on a portrait the whole term except for last week when we did a still life.  The still life is still wet and still at school.  But here's the portrait of our model, Colleen.

I'm not sure it looks like her, but it looks like somebody.