Friday, November 14, 2014

Oil Painting IV

Another term oil painting, but with a new professor.  (It's really my second time through Oil Painting II.)

Last term, I did north of a dozen paintings.  I've done four so far this year.  I'm starting a new classroom painting today and a new homework this weekend, but the jury's still out if I'll really complete two more paintings over the next three class sessions.

Slowing down, though, has taught me that there are still miles to go once I've thought a painting is done.  It takes time to just look at the object and see the final details, which, inevitably, results in little marks and highlights being added to the painting.

So, it's good not to be in a rush with a painting. It's good  not to make any marks sometimes but just look.  Understanding before action -- what a novel concept.  At least for me!

Here's the production to date.

 Classwork Still Life #1

Homework #1
Classwork Still Life #2

Homework #2
I'm sure, I'll find out  in class today that homework #2 isn't done.  Even though I think it is!


I know I'm not the first to notice this, but I'm at the age where I'm learning more about the profusion of doctor types.  I can see why people retire.  At some point there are not enough hours in the day to work and make all the doc appointments.

Over the last few years, my optometrist sent me to a retina specialist to fix an occlusion in my right eye.  After lasering it didn't work, she tried a shot in the eye.  Maybe it wasn't in the eyeball, but it was close enough!  The shot didn't fix the problem but caused my eye to droop to half-closed.  After a year of dimmed vision (and looking dim as well), it was off to the eyelid surgeon to fix the broken upper eyelid levator muscle.

Lately, my annual physical means a follow up visit to a specialist of some sort.  The latest was to the urologist for confirming check from the, ...umm.., backdoor entrance.  Fun.  Twice in the same month!  (How does someone decide to be a urologist, anyway?)

All in all, though I'm not complaining.  It's great to have expert mechanics around to keep the machine running an fixing it when something breaks. 

I guess more doc visits just come with the aging territory.  Get use to it!