Sunday, March 29, 2015

Portrait Drawing

I'm taking a break from oil-painting classes and slogging my way through a portrait drawing class.  I've learned a few things like:

  1. Portrait drawing is hard.  We're so good at facial recognition that a line or feature only has to be a little off to look a lot off.  And by little I mean a millimeter or two.
  2. It's a lot easier to draw from a photograph than it is to draw from real life.  It's hard to get someone to sit still for five to ten hours while you measure, sketch ... draw, correct; draw, correct, draw; draw, correct...forever.
Anyway, here are my latest attempts -- my last four homework assignments.  The first two are pencil and the last two are charcoal.  All are from 8" x 11" photos and the drawing sizes are 18" x 24". 


Three more classes and I'm done. And, although I'm ready for a break (it's not easy finding ten to twelve hours in a week to do this when you're working fulltime), I think I've learned a little something that will help my drawing gong forward. 

Now, if I could just take care of that having to work nuisance.