Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Portrait and A Landscape

It's been a while since the last term finished in May, but I thought I'd post my final homework.  It's a portrait of my granddaughter done from a photo.  Marcia had it framed and it's hanging in a place of honor in our hallway -- not because it's great art, but because it's our granddaughter for crying out loud!  The medium is pastel.

Since class ended, I spent about a month being handyman around the house -- repairing, spackling and painting.   I planned to take a two-week intensive landscape painting course in June but it wasn't offered. So, I decided to use the leave I would have used to take off summer Fridays and practice landscaping painting (and, in a small way, practice retirement which may actually happen some day).

The result was that I went from painting the house to painting the house.  Well, from painting the house to a painting of the house.  In the composition was trying to capture the interesting angles and tall trees.  Here it is.   I think I'm done.