Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Retirement Finish Line -- Last Year of Work, Part II

At two months and counting, I’m still working on getting the hang of being retired…guess I’m a slow learner.  It’s starting to feel real, though.  Looking back to last year at my transition from work helps.  Here’s the next instalment of this saga. 


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I’m still looking for the feeling of relief, for some event or milestone to signal that I’ve done my time and have been released to freedom.  I get a glimmer of a sense of peace from time to time, but nothing sustained.

The feeling may soon materialize.  I’m coming up on several milestones:

·         Thursday, 2/4:  One strike left in the baseball game
·         Friday, 2/12:  100 full-time workdays to go
·         Friday, 2/19: 30 seconds to go in the football game of my work life
·         Monday, 2/22:  ½ work-year (130 workdays) to go
·         Monday, 2/29:  998 work hours to go
·         Monday, 3/7:  17 full-time workweeks to go
·         Monday, 4/4:  100 workdays to go
With any luck one of these significant milestones will psychologically put me over the top of the hill.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 – 30 Workweeks to Go.  Still.

For the last 50 years, I’ve been learning to be ever more efficient in my use of time.  I’ve worked on that so hard that I’m usually the first to get a task done.  I can’t remember when I missed a deadline (maybe I missed one.  I just can’t remember).

The interesting thing is that all the hard-won wisdom and finely-honed habits are exactly what I don’t need for my future life.  The challenge is to change my internal wiring from achieving and meeting deadlines to experiencing and enjoying. 

There are no deadlines to improving my hobby skills.  I don’t have deliverables, due dates or specific objectives.  And that’s fine.  That’s the way it should be.   Experience and enjoy.   Life without driven-ness. 

Back to the countdown it’s at 30 weeks – 21 fulltime and 8.5 part-time workweeks.  Some key milestones are on the horizon.  I’m cresting the mountain and ready for the effortless glide to the finish line.

Almost there.  My head knows it.  Now if only my gut would! 

Thursday, February 18, 2016 – 28 Workweeks to Go

My countdown is in terms of a baseball game -- bottom of the ninth, two outs and two strikes, a football game – 30 seconds left, and, more simply, full-time workdays – 94 fulltime + 36 part-time = 130 left.

These numbers probably should produce a level of closure for me – a sense that the end is imminent.  But they don’t.  Why?

Maybe it’s because the 130 workdays stretch over nine months.  Maybe it’s because the selection process for my replacement hasn’t started.  Maybe it’s because I’m tired of the work – especially mediating conflicts.  That just doesn’t float my boat.  It makes me want to leave sooner rather than later.

So, here’s another metaphor for my career ending -- an air flight.  At some point, but not yet:

1.      Flaps down -- begin the decent
2.      Lower the landing gear
3.      Visual contact with runway
4.      Touch down
5.      Taxi to gate
6.      Deplane

When does this start.  Who knows?  But I’m guessing at some point, I’ll sense the end. 

Fasten seatbelts, flaps down!

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