Monday, March 27, 2017

Which Way?

I've heard that sometimes upon completing an abstract painting, the artist will turn it sideways or upside down and decide that the painting actually works better that way.  I may be living that story.

Marcia was thinking about purchasing some artwork to complement a print, made by our daughter, Sarah, which hangs in our living room.  Not wanting to give up precious wall space for hanging my paintings, I talked Marcia into letting me paint something instead of her trying to buy something.

What I had in mind was to mirror and amplify Sarah's original print.  You can see below that I attempted to pick up the left tree of the print for the (to be framed) left painting and the right tree of the print for the (to be framed) right one.  The idea was that the branches in the trees would "point" to Sarah's print and draw your eye to it.

When Sarah saw the work in progress, she said she would have done it the other way around.  The left painting would be the missing half of the left tree of the print and the right one would have been the missing half of the print's right tree.  That way the branches of the trees in the paintings would point away from the print and "expand" the arrangement.  We realized that flipping the two paintings kind of does that.

Now the dilemma.   I'm not sure which way works best.   What do you think?

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